There is such an emotion,

Parce qu'il n'y a presque pas que Puyo dans la vie ! Ici, on parle de tout, vraiment de tout. C'est ainsi, qu'en 1492, a été découvert l'Amérique....
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There is such an emotion,

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There is such an emotion, no reason, no result, as long as you look at it, it is enough. You will smile for her smile, but never imagined being alone. Her voice, her back, her gesture, make you crazy, but can only cry in my heart silently. Your love is too hasty, you can't confess. You have fantasized many times that you have her companion in your world, whispering in front of your ears. After all, it is a dream of jaundice, no one pays attention to your mediocrity, and no one needs to be optimistic. You pray in the world devoutly, only wishing to look at her so quietly in this life. And she, like a white cloud, gently fell from the sky. The pure snowflake has the sorrow that she can't bear to look at herself. She sighs in a faint sigh. The elegant fragrance has filled the whole season. The water of the river stopped singing, and listened to her beautiful story. The mountain no longer shouted, quiet. Look at her sadness in silence. Perhaps the vow of a lifetime is a kind of nothingness, a lover's heart and a loved one, and who can really understand that you have read her, she knows nothing about you. She said that she is not good, so treating people is always a cold look. You can't understand her heart, her dynamics, just look at her from afar and watch her go. When the grass grows, the leaves of the sweet-scented osmanthus tree begin to grow, and the fragrance of the soil naturally overflows after the rain. There are two or three people walking by, you walked to the end, and suddenly wanted to become the osmanthus tree, so quietly stood, quietly watching her walked by. When the sweet-scented osmanthus is opened, you use the wings of the wind to pass the floral fragrance to her in the first time Marlboro Gold, leaving a fragrance, warming her wounded heart, soothing her lonely night, you can't release your emotions, one's day, You work and meet, but no matter how busy you are, all you think about is her. There is a kind of love called letting go, but in the real life, who can easily put down the other hand and go away. what is love? You ask the world to ask the sea, who will give you the answer? Who can give you the answer? There is always a song that is just right when it sounds at the right time. You see who's tears are flying, flying out of your sight, pause, and gently swaying all the way. You chase, but you can no longer look down on the lost past. When the wind starts again, no tears will remain in the wind, just like the flowers will eventually fade, it is painful or happy, and there is no trace of love Cheap Cigarettes, perhaps this is the world of fate, each Creatures have their own living methods. Do you understand? When you can't see her, you are very calm. In front of her, you are at a loss, want to be humorous, open your mouth, want to be quiet, and don't know what you said. Everything you do not need to be artificial, it is the deep feelings of such feelings, but she does not care, she walks away, lost, and occupies your whole heart. You have been lonely since then. When you feel bad, you will cry, and the night is deep. You are alone in the corner of the city, lighting a cigarette and watching it linger in front of you. Your eyes are still wearing the castle of love. It flutters away
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