the sound of the ch

Parce qu'il n'y a presque pas que Puyo dans la vie ! Ici, on parle de tout, vraiment de tout. C'est ainsi, qu'en 1492, a été découvert l'Amérique....
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the sound of the ch

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y, lowered his head, picked up his clothes and fed her children. I tilted her and shook my head. I thought, really, how did this person stop at a small station like this? The radio said it was a temporary stop. Please do not leave the car. People complained loudly, some people wanted to go down and breathe, and they walked into the door of the door and some people were screaming and screaming. Suddenly, the baby in the arms of the young father sitting oppositely cried in a sharp voice Parliament Cigarettes. The young father stood up and shook the child in his hand, glaring at him in his mouth. But the child just cried, and the young father changed the child's dry diaper, and the child still cried. Someone reminded the young father that the child was hungry. The young father held the child in one hand and took the bottle out of the bag in a hurry. Take a vacuum flask. His hands were happily touched in his bag, and he touched it. He looked up and said with a straight line: "Well, forget to take the milk powder." The people around him looked at the young father who was overwhelmed by sweat. Some people complain that the young father is really careless. Some people have come up with the idea to say that they should give the children some water. However, the child only drank two, and then closed his eyes and cried, the hot car was more troublesome Newport 100S. At this time, the rural woman who was huddled around me spoke slyly: "Give me the baby, I am a baby, I will feed him two." The young father is busy with the child who is still crying. Delivered to the woman, she took her child and hugged it. The woman picked up her clothes and the child did not cry immediately. After a while, I could calm down and even hear the sound of the child swallowing milk. I stood up and let the woman sit comfortably. I opened the lid of my teacup and handed it to her. She took the cup and hurriedly took a few mouthfuls and handed it to me. She smiled and said, "Thank you. "And it was a good person. I blushed, for my own manner. I looked at the young father, who was also looking at the rural woman with a twilight look, and took out the candy from the bag. The woman��s little girl ate and let it sit again, let me sit down. The woman��s face was looking at the sweet sucking milk in her arms, her eyes were so soft, the whole person was so quiet, "Love" and "tolerance." Look at the baby again, the small mouth strongly sucks the milk, a small hand grips the woman's clothes tightly, and the black eyes look at the person who feeds his milk, that's the way Innocence, that kind of dependence. Oh--the scene in front of me is like a still picture, printed in my heart for many years, experienced too many things, some have been unable to remember, only this Scene, only the one that is dull and full of fatigue is like that And the face, often like a movie lens, appears in front of my eyes, and can still touch my heart. Compared with the tens of thousands of donations in today��s society, I hope to show my face in the media, full of utilitarian modern people. In that case, the woman is poor, her manners are negligible. However, she gave her what she was at the time, but it was precious to the child and could not be bought with money. Imagine, How many people in today's society can contribute their own uniqueness? Several people can use the heart of the heart to tolerate others' unfairness to themselves. Often, I will be praised for helping others, but I never dare There is some pride and self-satisfaction, because in my memory, there is a mirror, which is always shining on me Carton Of Cigarettes, and the mirror is a magnified kindness.

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